Calibration Service

Are you looking for premium calibration services? Hydratech is one of the leading calibration service provider in the scope of pressure testing and calibration. Contact Us!

The laboratory management system and technical requirements are in accordance with the ISO 17025:2005. The Measurement Standards are traceable to International System of Units (SI) through NMC A*Star Singapore or in any recognized National/International Laboratory or Accredited Calibration Laboratory. Successfully calibrations will be issued a Hydratech in-house certificate, a Hydratech seal and calibration sticker. Our laboratory is ISO/IEC17025:2005 SAC-SINGLAS certified, providing calibration services for pressure gauges, pressure chart recorders, pressure transmitters, temperature instruments, force instruments and electrical sourcing equipments for the following specifications:
  1. Pressure range from 0-60psi to 0-60,000psi
  2. DC Voltage & Current
  3. AC Voltage & Current
  4. Resistance, Frequency & Capacitance
  5. Temperature probes, sensors, indicators -15 to 650 deg C
  6. Platform weighing scale and force gauge
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