Hydrogen Portable Station

Past Project

small size HRS portable

Dubai First Commercial HRS – Enoc Service Station @ EXPO 2020

We have built the first commercial running hydrogen refueling station for Enoc Service Station @ Dubai Expo 2020. The owner of the station is the Emirate National Oil Company Limited (ENOC) LLC, and the station is supplied with green hydrogen gas transferred to this location @ 200bar from a 40ft tubes’ trailer before being refueled to 700bar of a Toyota Miri car. It will serve as a demonstration of hydrogen refueling station for the COP28 Global Climate Summit in Dubai.


DEWA First Commercial Hydrogen Refueling Station @ Solar Park

We have installed another HRS in Dubai, which support the National Hydrogen Strategy 2050 and Dubai Green Mobility Initiative 2030.
The green hydrogen gas is supplied by DEWA from its pilot plant located in Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park. The DFM-listed utility currently uses a 1.25 MW PEM electrolyser to produce green hydrogen gas at 35bar using daylight solar power. The gas is then increased to 200bar and transferred using our hydrogen compressor to a 40ft tubes’ trailer.

DEWA Solar park
DEWA c and chiller
DEWA Compressor unit
Portable Refueling 2 Station

As early as 2008, we provided China’s first set of 70MPa portable hydrogen refueling station for SAIC Motor;

In 2016, China’s first 70MPa portable hydrogen refueling station that meets SAEJ2601 standards was built to serve Toyota China R&D Center;

And in May 2023, we would take the lead in exporting portable hydrogen refueling station to the Middle East. Currently, we have a variety of hydrogen refueling machine products that can meet the hydrogen refueling requirements of 35MPa or 70MPa, and the output pressure can be set.