Portable Test Pac Rental 

Rental Test Pac 6HPTransparent
Hydratech Industries have designed a range of liquid test pacs for performing high-
pressure hydrostatic testing. They are highly portable and only require nominal air
supply pressure to operate. Some models can even reach a maximum pressure of up
to 100,000 psi
Rental Test Pac 2HP

Download Data Sheets:
G Series Liquid Test Pac (6HP)
A Series Liquid Test Pac (2HP)

Model Output Pressure Output Flow Air Inlet Size Outlet Size
2HP with 3 gallon tank
Approx. Dim (mm): 550L x 360W x 500H (25kg)
RT-ASF35-6K-B2-3-3W 3,500 psi 1.6 l/min 1/2″ NPTF 3/8″ NPTF
RT-ASF100-15K-N2-3 10,000 psi 0.4 l/min 1/2″ NPTF 1/4″ NPTF
RT-ASF150-20K-N2-3 15,000 psi 0.49 l/min 1/2″ NPTF 1/4″ MPF
RT-5LSS150-20K-N2-3 15,000 psi 0.49 l/min 1/2″ NPTF 1/4″ MPF
RT-HSF225-30K-N2-3 22,500 psi 0.16 l/min 1/2″ NPTF 1/4″ HPF
RT-HSF300-30K-N2-3 30,000 psi 0.33 l/min 1/2″ NPTF 1/4″ HPF
6HP with 7 gallon tank
Approx. Dim (mm): 820L x 500W x 525H (50kg)
RT-2LDS60-10K-B2-7 6,000 psi 6.5 l/min 1/2″ NPTF 1/2″ NPTF
RT-7LDS100-15K-B2-7 10,000 psi 3.2 l/min 1/2″ NPTF 1/2″ NPTF


Flushing & Pressure Test Unit Rental 

Rental Automated Flushing and Pressure Test System side Description:
Hydratech Industries have designed this rental unit which is able to perform high-pressure flushing and hydrostatic test. Automated system for greater control and flexibility.
Transparent Features:
• Combined unit to cover both flushing and pressure test function instead of having 2 units.
• The unit can be customized based on the pressure, volume and flow rate required.
• A system optimized with programmed controls, special electronic devices, and touch screen monitor.
Dimension/ Weight Transportation Tank Capacity Flushing Unit System Hydrostatic Test System Requirements To Rent
L 1600mm x W 1200mm x H 1712mm / 1000kg Forklift Channel and Lifting Eye Bolt 300 litres Flow Rate: 34 l/min
Maximum working pressure: Up to 5,000psi (436bar)
Liquid Outlet Port: 1/2? NPT Female
Working Temp: 40 deg C
Filter Element: 12 microns & 3 microns
Maximum working pressure: Up to 30,000psi (2068bar)
Liquid Outlet Port: 9/16? Female HP
Power Supply: 415V, 63A, 50Hz
Air Supply: 100 psi (6.9 bar)
Medium: Hydraulic Oil
Lifting/Transport: Forklift and Crane


Chart Recorders And Accessories Rental

Rental Chart Recorder Description:
We have chart recorders & accessories for rental. Our Chart recorders are applicable to all the industries. The maximum pressure is up to 50,000psi & Temperature range is up to 500 Degree F (260 Degree C)
Standard Conformance:
• Tech Cal Recorders conform to API, NACE requirements as well as AGA recommendations.
• The case is made of Polyethylene Copolymer, Chemical Resistant, Light Weight & Durable Temperature Range: -10°F to 210°F
• Manufactured by Technology & Calibration, Inc. – USA and ISO 9001 Registered Company
Model Specifications Connection
RT-1B400 Single Pen Chart recorder,TechCal, 5Kpsi cw battery operated, 1hr 1/4? Female NPT
RT-1B500 Single Pen Chart recorder,TechCal, 10Kpsi cw battery operated, 1hr 1/4? Female NPT
RT-1B700 Single Pen Chart recorder,TechCal, 20Kpsi cw battery operated, 1hr 1/4? Female HP
RT-1B900 Single Pen Chart recorder,TechCal, 30Kpsi cw battery operated, 1hr 1/4? Female HP