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The laboratory management system and technical requirements are in accordance with the ISO 17025:2005. The Measurement Standards are traceable to International System of Units (SI) through NMC A*Star Singapore or in any recognized National/International Laboratory or Accredited Calibration Laboratory.

Successfully calibrations will be issued a Hydratech in-house certificate, a Hydratech seal and calibration sticker.

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Our laboratory is ISO/IEC17025:2005 SAC-SINGLAS certified, providing calibration services for pressure gauges, pressure chart recorders, pressure transmitters, temperature instruments, force instruments and electrical sourcing equipments for the following specifications:

1. Pressure range from 0-60psi to 0-60,000psi
2. DC Voltage & Current
3. AC Voltage & Current
4. Resistance, Frequency & Capacitance
5. Temperature probes, sensors, indicators -15 to 650 deg C
6. Platform weighing scale and force gauge

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