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Hydrogen Compressor

High Pressure Hydrogen Compressors

High Pressure Hydrogen Compressors

The portable hydrogen compressor unit is designed and produced by Hydratech Industries Pte Ltd. The main function of which is to pressurize the inlet low pressure hydrogen gas bottles (50-200) bar to 350bar or 700bar by means of a hydraulic pump system, thus, refuelling the hydrogen gas into a fuel cell vehicle.

It mainly consists of two parts, the compressor unit and the chiller unit:

Compressor unit are made up of a large displacement hydraulically driven hydrogen gas booster, high pressure hydrogen valves, pressure gauges, explosion-proof pressure transmitter, hydraulic pump, hydrogen heat exchanger, hydrogen gas detector and alarm system, electrostatic release, flame arrester, explosion-proof junction box, explosion-proof lighting, explosion–proof exhaust fan and so on. All are integrated in a single standard 4m container. Hydrogen refuelling terminal to the car, includes manual control valve, control button, flow meter, hydrogen refuelling gun and other related components, connecting users' fuel cell cars to realize hydrogen refuelling.

The chiller unit is mainly composed of a cooling system, a compressed air supply system, a refuelling distribution system, a refuelling control system, lighting lamp, and an exhaust fan. The cooling system cools the heat generated by the hydraulic pump and the hydrogen gas compressor unit during the compression process. It enables to ensure the normal operation of the hydrogen gas compressor for a long time, while ensuring that the hydrogen gas filling temperature not higher than 45 °C during high-speed refuelling. The automatic control unit mainly includes PLC, touch screen, computer (data storage) and other electrical accessories and control software, which is used to realize the automatic operation control and data collection and recording of the whole set of refuelling system. It is the "brain" of the refuelling system. All accessory and equipment are integrated in a 4m container enclosure. During installation, the ex-proof electrical box in the hydrogen compressor unit the chiller unit can be easily connected by simple piping and electrical connection.

The above system is equipped with nitrogen purge line, hydrogen input line, hydrogen recovery line, external container port, power interface, etc. Nitrogen purging line is connected to nitrogen gas bottle, and it is used for pipeline purging before hydrogen gas is introduced. Hydrogen input line is connected to hydrogen cylinder/skid unit of gas source; Hydrogen recovery line is connected to the recycling pipe to recover residual hydrogen. The external container port is used to connect the spare high-pressure bottles. When the compressor is not used, the high-pressure hydrogen bottles were used for hydrogen refuelling. The power line is used to supply the total power of the system.

The system adopts container structure, and all parts in the system are dedicated to hydrogen, which ensures the safety of the system in use. The equipment is safe and reliable and meets the requirements of relevant national standards and regulations. All components of the system are renown brands, with the advantages of safe and reliable, simple operation and easy maintenance.