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M Tube Fitting

M Tube Fittings are available in Stainless Steel, Duplex, Hastelloy C, Alloy 625, brass and carbon steel.

The features of M Tube Fittings are 2 ferrule design, re-usable with outstanding make and re-make feature, gauge-able with excellent consistency, heat code traceable, cold-form external threads, and proven leak-tight over 30 years supply.

The performance of M Tube Fittings are cold-form external threads, 20 TPI thread supports gauge-ability, excellent sealing surface finish provides leak-tight performance, leading edge selectively hardened back ferrule supports sealing integrity, tubing deformation inward supports leak-tight performance, and consistent internal diameters throughout components.

Download Data Sheets:
HSME M Tube Fitting – Tube to Tube Union, Tube to Male Pipe, Tube to Female Pipe, Tube Adapters, Tube to Weld End, Tube to Flange, Engineered Products, Caps, Plugs, Tube Inserts, Spare Parts, and Tools.
HSME M Pipe & Weld Fitting


Ball Valves

HSME ball valves are available in VB2 Series One-Piece Ball Valves, VBF6 Series Multi-Purpose Ball Valves, VTB6 Series Trunnion Ball Valves, VB1 Series Ball Valves, and VB10 Series Two-Piece Ball Valves. HSME Ball Valve provides for working pressure up to 10,000psi (689 bar).

Download Data Sheets:
VB1 Series 2000 psig Ball Valves
One-Piece Ball Valves VB2 Series & VB2G Series
Multi Purpose Ball Valves VBF6 Series
VTB Series Trunnion Ball Valves
Two-Piece Ball Valves VB10, VBM10, and VB103 Series Ball Valve
VP3 Series Plug Valves


Manifolds & Needle Valves

Download Data Sheets:
VN Series Needle Valves – VN5, VN6, and VNS6 Series
VN Series Needle Valves – VNH10 Series
VM Series Manifolds / Gauge Valves
VD Series Primary Isolation Valves – Monoflanges, DBB & Root Valves


Check & Relief Valves and Excess Flow Valves

Download Data Sheets:
VC and VPC Series Check Valve 
VR Series Proportional Relief Valves – Liquid and Gas Service
VS6 Series Safety Relief Valves
VPG Series Purge Valves
VBL Series Bleed Valves
VX6 Series Excess Flow Valves


Quick Connects & Filters

Download Data Sheets:
Q & QF Series Quick Connects
VF Series Tee Filter and In Line Filter