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Electrical Driven Hydraulic Pumps


Electrical Driven Hydraulic Pumps

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High Pressure Plunger Pump

Air driven liquid pumps are efficient in boosting fluids to high pressures for testing however when it comes to large volumes, time to fill is a limitation. To quickly fill large volumes before pressure testing, the motor driven HDP High Pressure Plunger Pumps does this with ease.

These pumps are widely implemented in our complete solutions to our clients, whom perform testing or flushing for large volumes such as christmas trees and and wellheads. It provides a much higher and constant flow rate to quickly fill given volumes.

Sample Application
We have successfully set up automated pre-filling of accumulators with our HDP pumps to provide an entire testing facility with constant supply of pressurized testing fluids for quickly achieving their desired testing pressure. This solution is customized, dependent on the requirements provided.

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HDP Pump Specifications