Our data acquisition system is design to provide great flexibility to users of traditional pressure instruments such as chart recorder for high pressure measurement. With our system, users are able to perform data acquisition for different pressures and duration combinations. The system is also easily installed to any Windows-based desktop/laptop, which makes it even more flexible, light weight and portable.

Hydratech Data Acquisition Systems (DaQ)

GP:50 NY LTD, from Grand Island, New York, is a fully staffed manufacturing facility, which has evolved into a worldwide supplier of instrumentation grade pressure sensing instrumentation for Aerospace, Automotive Testing, Commercial Aircraft, Cryogenics, Industrial, Medical Equipment, Oil, Gas & Petrochemical, ROV, Subsea, Sanitary, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Control, Test & Measurement, Water & Wastewater, and Laboratory R&D.

GP:50 Pressure Transducers