TechCal, from the USA, has been providing calibration services to the petrochemical, aerospace and other such industries for many years. Their mechanical chart recorders are the industry standard for accurate, reliable measurement and recording of pressure and temperature in a wide variety of applications. All chart recorders come in strong carry cases, highly suitable for harsh environments.

Techcal Chart Recorders

De Wit, from Netherlands, is a quality and service-oriented manufacturer of pressure and temperature tests and measuring equipment for all applications. De Wit chart recorders cover ranges from as low as 0-1 bar to as high as 0-4,000 bar. Various configurations catering to all industries are available.

Dewit Chart Recorders

The Stewarts has been around since 1870 and have established and maintained a reputation for the manufacture of high pressure gauges and its related products over the years. They carry the most comprehensive selection of pressure and temperature instrumentations and have been supplying to many industries around the world.

Stewarts Pressure Gauges