• TechCal Pressure & Temperature Chart recorders are applicable to all the industries. The maximum pressure is up to 50,000psi & Temperature range is up to 500 Degree F (260 Degree C)Type:
• Mechanical type recording measuring static pressure and temperature. 8″ & 12″ Models

Chart Drive / Clock:
•  Battery Operated Models
•  Wind Type Models

• N.I.S.T. Traceable Certificate of Calibration, +/- 0.5% of Span
• Adjustable zero screw

Standard Conformance:
• Tech Cal Recorders conform to API, NACE requirements as well as AGA recommendations. Case is made of Polyethylene Copolymer, Chemical Resistant, Light Weight & Durable Temperature Range: -10°F to 210°F
• Manufactured by Technology & Calibration, Inc. – USA and ISO 9001 Registered Company
• Chart Paper required is 12” (11.125” actual) conforming to Barton & American Meter Recorders.

Download Data Sheets:
TechCal Recorder Configuration Sheet

De Wit Chart Recorder
• De Wit, from Netherlands, is a quality and service-oriented manufacturer of pressure and temperature tests and measuring equipment for all applications. De Wit chart recorders cover ranges from as low as 0-1 bar to as high as 0-4,000 bar. Various configurations catering to all industries are available.key features:
• wide temperature range: between -170 to 600 deg C
• min. temp span: 60 deg C
• supports pressure up to 60,000psi (4000bar)
• some models support dual or triple pen and support panel mount

Case Material:
• St. Steel AISI 316 Case, weatherproof

• recording with disposable feltpen on 12″ recorder charts
• recording with disposable feltpen on 12″ recorder charts, circular recorder chart diameter 163mm, writing width 60mm
• Mechanical spring-wound clockwork, 24hrs (clockwise)

Download Data Sheet:
St. Steel AISI 316 Case 6? Chart Recorder
St. Steel AISI 316 Case 12? Chart Recorder
St. Steel AISI 316 Case 12? Chart Recorder (Sour gas)

• The Stewarts has been around since 1870 and have established and maintained a reputation for the manufacture of high pressure gauges and its related products over the years. They carry the most comprehensive selection of pressure and temperature instrumentations and have been supplying to many industries around the world.

Mounting Types & Case Types:
• No Code: Bottom Connection
• CB: Center Back available by special order
• FP: Front Flange for panel Mounting
• C: C-Clamp Fixing for Panel Mounting

Case Material:
• Case Relief Grommet
• White Aliminium Dial, Black Figuress
• Black Aluminium Pointer
• 316 Stainless Steel Welted Parts
• 304 Stainles Steel Case & Crimped Ring

• Polycarbonate
• Acrylic (on CB Non Fillable)
• Laminated Safety Glass, removable -4mm (0.16″ thick)