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Data Acquisition System

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Hydratech Data Acquisition Systems (DaQ)

Why use the Data Acquisition System?
1. Multiple pressure range and duration combination.
2. Operates without chart paper and no pen drying out problem.
3. No batteries or manual winding required.
4. No need chart paper, no wastage.
5. Allows up to 4 ports on a single recording cycle with different pen colours.
6. Supports 1 concurrent temperature recording on top of pressure recording ports.
7. Single generated report with description and charted results for ease of submission.
8. Total weight, including laptop, less than 5kg.

This system installs easily into the latest windows operating system. Clients have the option to provide their own laptop for the implementation as long as the laptop meets the minimum specifications.

Add On: Bubble Counter

This is an optional add-on to the Data Acquisition System.

The bubble counter helps to digitally capture and count bubbles, usually used for gas leak tests.
This option requires additional test environment studies before implementing.

Never miss a bubble again with this solution!