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Walther Couplings

Couplings Designed For Every Industry

Since 1951, German based company, WALTHER-PRÄZISION, has developed and manufactured mono and multicouplings that are used wherever fluids, vapors, gases, electrical and optical signals as well as electric power need to be safely transferred. Their engineers develop solutions for almost every industry that meet highest demands, prove their value in extreme ambient conditions and help to protect the environment.

Walther Prazision is a “full-range supplier” of quick couplings and systems for all industries.
Nominal sizes of our couplings extend from 2 to 300 mm, with pressure ranges from vacuum to 3,000 bar.

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Multi couplings, docking systems and fast and very slim tool changers for industrial robots to be used in shell constructions, transfer lines, manufacturing lines and test stations.
Quick couplings made of stainless steel or other high quality materials, with non-dripping clean-break technology, available in non-interchangeable designs or as a breakaway coupling with no sacrificial parts, suitable for the safe connection of hazardous media lines.
Docking systems designed to handle high stresses and quick couplings made of stainless steel, titanium or other high quality materials for efficient utilization of cost-intensive test benches, for the use in aircraft engines or for media supply in launch vehicles.
Reliable operation, clean-break quick couplings for liquids (hydraulic oil, grease, etc.) as well as numerous special quick coupling solutions in a proven, robust design and durable, even under the toughest operating conditions.
Plug and screw couplings have been developed for the medical sector, specifically for the medical gas supply, diagnostics, dialysis, computer tomography, sterile technology and the supply of breathing air.
Corrosion-resistant quick couplings and multi-couplings of user specified stainless steel with redundant sealing systems, power enhanced locks, also for the operation by divers or by remotely operated vehicles (ROV) for a quick and reliable connection of single lines and multiline umbilicals both top-side and subsea.
Robust quick couplings supply heavy equipment within the steel industry with hydraulics, pressurized air and other media. They are i. a. used to dock casting ladles, in thin-slab and continuous casting lines, at roll stands as well as in the automatic gas supply for batch furnaces.
Quick couplings which are used in transportation, must ensure a safe connection during permanent vibrations and in heavily soiled environment – for many years to go and under extreme temperature fluctuations.

These systems, tailored for specific needs, are extremely robust and durable and designed to resist shock effects. They ensure a safe and quick change of aggregates or help to reduce test processes.

Mono Couplings

With quick couplings (or mono-couplings) a repeated quick and safe connection and disconnection of single fluidic or electric lines is simple and possible without additional use of tools. Besides the wide variety of our standard program of quick couplings with many materials and sealing qualities, we also offer specific individual solutions to our customers.

Download Mono Couplings Data Sheets:
Series LP / Series SP
Plastic Coupling in PVDF
Low Pressure Coupling for Chemical Applications
Safe Pneumatic Connections
Compressed air safety coupling Series LS
Compressed air safety coupling Series 32
Ball-Face-Clean Break Coupling
Clean Break Coupling with bayonet locking
Clean Break Coupling
Non interchangeable designs
Clean Break Coupling for hydraulics

Medium Pressure Couplings

Standard medium pressure couplings with a working pressure of up to 250 bar.

Download Medium Pressure Couplings Data Sheets:
Series MD
Screw-to-connect clean break couplings for hydraulics
Clean Break Coupling up to 250 bar

High Pressure Couplings

High pressure couplings are designed for nominal pressures up to 2,000 bar / 29,000 psi. Many options are available to increase performance and provide added safety. For large nominal bores, ring grips are recommended for ease of operation.

Download High Pressure Couplings Data Sheets:
Series HP
Clean Break Coupling for high pressure hydraulics
High Pressure Coupling

Clean Break Couplings

Clean-break couplings are also called dry couplings according to the area of application and industry. They couple almost without any air or media entry; when disconnecting, there is only minimal leakage.

Download Clean Break Couplings Data Sheets:
Clean Break Coupling for hydraulics
Ball Face Clean Break Coupling
Screw-to-connect clean break couplings for hydraulics
Clean Break coupling with bayonet locking
Clean Break Coupling
Clean Break Coupling for high pressure hydraulics
Temperature Applications with Clean Break Quick Coupling Technology

Offshore Technology

Requirements of Couplings for Offshore Application
Long service life, extreme corrosion resistance and simple handling under adverse conditions – these are just some of the demands made on quick coupling systems by the offshore industry. Furthermore, the design of couplings for underwater application must be suitable for handling by divers or ROV manipulators.

Walther’s Solutions
Our quick coupling systems allow for fast connection and separation of fluid, gas and electrical lines on drilling platforms and subsea. Special sealing systems ensure leak-free operation in order to protect the environment. Power assisted locking systems allow for convenient handling of couplings with large nominal bores. Our couplings have proven their worth in remote-controlled systems at great ocean depths. Special sealing technologies and materials achieve a service life of 25 to 30 years.

Download Offshore Technology Couplings Data Sheets:
Metal seal coupling element
ROV operated high pressure coupling
Quick Connect Coupling for manual operation
Stabplate elements for deep water applications
Stabplate elements for shallow water applications
Balanced Pressure Elements
Stabplate elements for shallow and deep water systems
ROV operated high pressure coupling
Diver Screw Type Coupling
X-Over coupling element

Special Application Couplings

Download High Pressure Couplings Data Sheets:
Breathing Air Coupling
Hook-in couplings for gas, liquid, paste and powder media
Refuelling System for Gaseous Hydrogen
High temperature couplings
Clean Break Coupling for hydraulics
Coupling with PTFE Seal
Couplings for Steam Lines
Coupling for Cryogenics for use in labaratory technology Series TT
Temperature Applications with Clean Break Quick Coupling Technology

Multi Coupling/Docking System

Docking systems are automatic multi-couplings which can be perfectly involved in controlled processes. Due to integrated sensor technology, a docking system can transfer precise information about the position or the condition of the coupling halves to a superior control system.

Download Multi Coupling / Docking Data Sheets:
Fluidic Multi-Couplings
Multi-Couplings & Docking Systems
Docking Systems, servo assisted, for connection of fluid, air and electrical lines
Subsea Technology HFL Systems
Manual Stab Plates for work over and intervention systems